The Drakkengard Dynasty

Session 3: Second Half
In Which the GM Regrets Ever Using Chaos as a Plot Point

The Crew assemble in the Chapel with Inquisitor Hadrax Ishmael Ignacio Jachobein IV where the crew are talked to about Chaos and the repercussions that Xanatov would face for accidentally allowing himself to become corrupted by daemons. Xanatov made a deal with the devil and agreed to be operated on in order to lose the ability for heretical thought, but not before sending one last email on his data-slate. (He will rue this day.)

One crew member down, the rest of the Cabinet and Drakkengard proceeded to get talked at for a bit before being sent to go deal with pirates who use Naduesh as a trade port. The Crew find one such pirate ship, a Sword Class by the name of The Dirk, and ready their macrobatteries. (The GM fucks up big time by not expecting ship combat and waffles hard) Soon, boarding preparations are made, and Janus along with the Special Persons Enforcement of Regimental Marines (S.P.E.R.M.) got ready to penetrate The Dirk’s hull. As the boarding torpedoes thrust into The Dirk, and Janus and the S.P.E.R.M. flow out into the ship and go straight for the bridge. Janus, confronted with the door that separated him and the bridge, used his flamer to slowly break through the last protection that the captain of The Dirk had against him and S.P.E.R.M. (Get it, ‘cuz it’s like that thing that normies do to propagate the species. God it’s late, and I’m tired.) (Anywho) After a duel of wits, the The Dirk was surrendered to Captain Drakkengard, who put ion charges all over the ship as a form of collateral.

The session ended there because the GM now has a lot of things he has to do including make ship stats and facilitate the creation of a new PC. Also write for another campaign and plot the destruction of a god hiding in an android in yet another campaign. Wheee.

Session 3: First half
In Which the Group Learns There's Always a Bigger Fish

It’s been a couple days since the incident on Naduesh. Many things happened in the background including Janus Carrow Protheus Morticum Vandred Von Domum-Stellae alerting the local sect of the Inquisition about the incident and calling for their aide. Xanatov finally was able to ambulate as he was given a temporary replacement for his leg, though his quarters were quarantined due to his past sickness and actions taken by the Church to assure that none without the Emperor’s blessing were allowed to walk freely. Xanatov, after contacting his spy network and learning nothing that wasn’t already available to him, freely went to the Church and was blessed.

Meanwhile, Captain Drakkengard called Janus Carrow Protheus Morticum Vandred Von Domum-Stellae into his office to talk about the impending Inquisition presence. During this talk, the Captain learned that not only was Xanatov’s actions reported to the Inquisition, but the idea that he might be a heretic was brought up and discussed. Done with the conversation with Janus Carrow Protheus Morticum Vandred Von Domum-Stellae, Captain Drakkengrad sent for Xanatov to get his side of the story.

The conversation with Xanatov was cut short when the Inquisition arrived and hailed Captain Drakkengard. Inquisitor Hadrax Ishmeal Ignacio Jachobein IV was the one to call, and was rather terse about the terms of coming aboard and meeting the Captain and his council.
Then Trevor had a life, so we stopped there.
That was all we had time for. To Be Continued.

Session 2
Daemons Get a Leg Up On Xanatov

Now with a child aboard the ship, the crew went back down to the planet to finish the second job they had been given during the dinner they went to, which was to investigate another settlement whose governor had described odd behavior coming from the soldiers that guarded the area. Upon arriving, the group saw that the settlement was formed around a large strip mine, that is to say, a large hole in the ground. The group was not met by anyone, but eventually made their way to the governor’s home, where they found the governor raving about the mines. The Captain decided to explore the mines the find the source of the problem.

Down in the darkness of the mines, the crew, including the governor and the platoon that was brought with, were forced into cramp tunnels. Images skittered across the periphery of the group, and Xanatov began to hear voices. The tunnels continued down into the planet, and troops started disappearing without warning. The voices grew stronger within Xanatov, telling him to commit sins against the Emperor, but the stalwart Senschal held fast.

Eventually, the group made it to a large dome cavern where a rather large monolith stood in the middle. The voices Xanatov heard simultaneously got louder and ceased all together at the sight of the monolith. From behind and above, the shrieks of the damned could be heard, and corrupted miners and soldiers descended onto the group. Battle ensues as hordes of twisted monstrosities assailed the group and accompanying platoon.

Janus Carrow Vandred Morticum von Domum-Stellae, meanwhile, began sanctifying the monolith, which did not take too well to the light of the Emperor being brought down upon it. Flesh wounds sprout from the monolith, and blood and puss began dripping from the wounds in response to the priest’s attempts. Xanatov thought it would be a delightful idea to touch the thing currently spewing bodily fluids. A demonic force rushed into Xanatov and was able to fully posses the Senschal.

Taking out his inferno pistol, Xanatov fired on the troops and the Captain. Barely missing Captain Drakkengard, Xanatov incinerated a soldier, and wounded another. Not being one to be shot at, Captain Drakkengard took out his trusty sword and swung at Xanatov with the intent of pacifying the now mad Seneschal. The sword made contact, and Xanatov’s left leg went flying away from his body. Disabled, and now worthless to the force that possessed him, Xanatov was kicked (heh) to the side and left to bleed out.

The battle between Janus Carrow Vandred Morticum von Domum-Stellae and the daemonic force within the monolith reached it’s end as the Rite of Sanctification was completed and the Daemon was forced back to the warp. The monolith exploded and most if not everyone within the room was plagued with a unique sickness The armies of corrupted soldiers and miners where eventually defeated without further casualties. Once everything was dealt with, the crew evac’d back to the Pheonix where they were quarantined.

End of session 2

Session 1
Of Space Ships and Fancy Dinners

Before embarking upon a supply mission to the desert planet Naduesh, Captain Drakkengard and his personal advisers were offered to have their Tarot read by an unnamed third party. The Captain and crew had their Tarot read and learned a bit of what the Emperor had in store for them.

As the Spirit of the Phoenix docked in high orbit over Naduesh, Captain Drakkengard sent an away team, lead by missionary Janus Carrow Protheus Vandred Morticum von Domum-Stellae, to deliver the supplies that they had hauled. Upon the planet’s surface, Janus met up with the governor of Outpost 35, Calidorn. Calidorn was grateful that the supplies came, but was disheartened that the Captain did not accompany the away team. In a desperate attempt to meet the Captain, Calidorn invited him and his advisers to dinner.

Meanwhile, Captain Drakkengard and his trusted Senschal, Xanatov, followed a lead about an underground bloodbowl league that was taking place in the underbelly of the Phoenix. In the under-decks, the two discovered a small settlement by the name of “Undercity”. It was in this Undercity that Captain Drakkengard entered a building of dubious relevance and ordered his troops to open fire upon the crowd within. This caused the crowd to stampede in the direction of the nearest exit: where the captain happened to be standing. Luckily the Captain and Xanatov escaped with minor wounds, both physical and of self worth, just in time to receive Vox from Alexa, the poor soul, which carried an invitation to a fancy dinner planet side in the outpost that was given supplies.

The Captain graciously agreed to dine with the Governor and company, but before departing for the surface, he offered to let the Alexa, the poor gal, come with, to which she agreed. Planet side, the Captain, along with Xanatov and Englebart, was reunited with the faithful Janus Carrow Protheus Vandred Morticum von Domum-Stellae as well as leaders of other colonies from around the planet. During dinner, much discussion happened and two jobs were given to Sir Drakkengard and his retinue. The first to recover an artefact that even the Skitarii were unable to that laid somewhere deep beneath on of the ancient cities. The second, to investigate recent disturbances in Settlement 18 and why troops are acting very strange. Also during dinner, Alexa had one of, if not the most awkward nights of her life possibly leading her to seek out therapy.

The next day, the Captain and his retinue ventured out on the sands of Naduesh in order to find the artefact buried beneath one of the dying cities. On the way, a small resistance was met that was composed of tribal natives. The natives were dealt with swiftly, and the caravan continued. Once reaching the ruins of the city, the Captain’s army searched for signs of the Skitarii, which they found. Following the trail of flares, the tech priest, Engelbert, began acting up as if in pain. Captain Drakkengard, and Xanatov also felt discomfort in their mechanical implants. The trail led down into the planet’s bowels. At the end of the path, the party found a rather large lab, which they explored and found notes alluding to what the lab was experimenting on. The lab seemed to be doing research on a strange type of ore that was found on the planet. The party then found a heavily sealed door, which they eventually opened to reveal a pedestal with with a rather large chunk of some kind of metal. The discomfort those with mechanical parts were feeling escalated to proper agony at this point, to the point that Engelbart had to evacuate the premise. The chunk was guarded by a force field of some type. Xanatov, in the most prophetic action ever, attempted to touch the field before thinking better of it as his autoquill was causing him more and more pain. The field was eventually disabled, ease was restored to those with mechanical parts, and the chunk was taken by Janus Carrow Protheus Vandred Morticum von Domum-Stellae.

Janus Carrow Protheus Vandred Morticum von Domum-Stellae with the chunk of ore in hand literally felt the life being drained from him, but by the grace of the Emperor, he was able to bravely hold on to life long enough to get the chunk into the hands of the Mechanicus researchers.

After being congratulated by Calidorn, the crew acquired a new member as Calidorn’s little sister, Celestine was to accompany Captain Drakkengard, and then be deposited at the nearest Schola Progenium as soon as possible.


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