The Drakkengard Dynasty

Session 3: First half

In Which the Group Learns There's Always a Bigger Fish

It’s been a couple days since the incident on Naduesh. Many things happened in the background including Janus Carrow Protheus Morticum Vandred Von Domum-Stellae alerting the local sect of the Inquisition about the incident and calling for their aide. Xanatov finally was able to ambulate as he was given a temporary replacement for his leg, though his quarters were quarantined due to his past sickness and actions taken by the Church to assure that none without the Emperor’s blessing were allowed to walk freely. Xanatov, after contacting his spy network and learning nothing that wasn’t already available to him, freely went to the Church and was blessed.

Meanwhile, Captain Drakkengard called Janus Carrow Protheus Morticum Vandred Von Domum-Stellae into his office to talk about the impending Inquisition presence. During this talk, the Captain learned that not only was Xanatov’s actions reported to the Inquisition, but the idea that he might be a heretic was brought up and discussed. Done with the conversation with Janus Carrow Protheus Morticum Vandred Von Domum-Stellae, Captain Drakkengrad sent for Xanatov to get his side of the story.

The conversation with Xanatov was cut short when the Inquisition arrived and hailed Captain Drakkengard. Inquisitor Hadrax Ishmeal Ignacio Jachobein IV was the one to call, and was rather terse about the terms of coming aboard and meeting the Captain and his council.
Then Trevor had a life, so we stopped there.
That was all we had time for. To Be Continued.


Lord_Nesbit Lord_Nesbit

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