The Drakkengard Dynasty

Session 3: Second Half

In Which the GM Regrets Ever Using Chaos as a Plot Point

The Crew assemble in the Chapel with Inquisitor Hadrax Ishmael Ignacio Jachobein IV where the crew are talked to about Chaos and the repercussions that Xanatov would face for accidentally allowing himself to become corrupted by daemons. Xanatov made a deal with the devil and agreed to be operated on in order to lose the ability for heretical thought, but not before sending one last email on his data-slate. (He will rue this day.)

One crew member down, the rest of the Cabinet and Drakkengard proceeded to get talked at for a bit before being sent to go deal with pirates who use Naduesh as a trade port. The Crew find one such pirate ship, a Sword Class by the name of The Dirk, and ready their macrobatteries. (The GM fucks up big time by not expecting ship combat and waffles hard) Soon, boarding preparations are made, and Janus along with the Special Persons Enforcement of Regimental Marines (S.P.E.R.M.) got ready to penetrate The Dirk’s hull. As the boarding torpedoes thrust into The Dirk, and Janus and the S.P.E.R.M. flow out into the ship and go straight for the bridge. Janus, confronted with the door that separated him and the bridge, used his flamer to slowly break through the last protection that the captain of The Dirk had against him and S.P.E.R.M. (Get it, ‘cuz it’s like that thing that normies do to propagate the species. God it’s late, and I’m tired.) (Anywho) After a duel of wits, the The Dirk was surrendered to Captain Drakkengard, who put ion charges all over the ship as a form of collateral.

The session ended there because the GM now has a lot of things he has to do including make ship stats and facilitate the creation of a new PC. Also write for another campaign and plot the destruction of a god hiding in an android in yet another campaign. Wheee.


Lord_Nesbit Everwinter

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