Engelbart Kappa

"Yes, Fleshbag?"


Engelbart stands at 5’11". Not many of his features are visible as most are covered by his red robes. His face is entirely obscured by implants and a very large breathing mask that takes up the lower half of his face. The one eye that is able to be seen is a verdant green.


Engelbart was born, as most Mechanicus priests are, in one of the city-factories of Mars. Within this city, he was made part of an R&D project that dealt with whether or not one could improve those of a younger age. Engelbart replaced most of his limbs by the age of 10. These replacements were supposed to grow with Engelbart in order to forgo the need of constant replacements. These experimental limbs didn’t work out too well, and by the age of 18, Engelbart had to have most of his human features removed including his spine. Fully recovered at the age of 22, Engelbart dedicated his time to becoming a full fledged tech priest as a service to the Omnissiah. By the age of 28, Engelbart heard the call of the Omnissiah, the call to explore the galaxy for the Mechanicus, the call to become a pariah to his people and his culture.

Given the blessings by the Fabricator Locum, Engelbart and a couple other priests where given a ship, a couple Skitarii guards, and a lead to an STC datacache. Engelbart and crew found the STC, but the recovery cost the lives of the Skitarii and one of the other Explorators. Bringing the cache back to Mars, Engelbart asked a Magos whom he’d worked with previously to secure him a flight to Port Wander siting that the Koronus Expanse would be a great source of long lost STC caches. The Magos, Chronis, agreed to the prospect and secured Engelbart a flight with a space hulk that was transferring plas-steel to Footfall.

At Port Wander, he would find an ad on a bulletin for a Rogue Trader looking for a head Tech Priest to take control of the Mechanicus on board his ship. Engelbart found his free ticket to explore the Expanse.

Engelbart Kappa

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