Inquisitor Hadrax Ishmael Ignacio Jachobein IV


Power armor and red/black robes obscure most of his features. His face is bare of mechanic enhancements leaving the visage of a seasoned warrior who’s well past his prime. A scowl rests on his face and seems to never change.


Inquisitor Hadrax Ishmael Ignacio Jachobein IV is one of the five disgraced Inquisitors that now reside within the Koronus Expanse which make up the Inquisitorial Cabal of The Wolves of the Expanse. Though there is no formal hierarchy in The Wolves of the Expanse, as hierarchy in most Inquisitorial Cabals don’t have one in fear of committing heresy, Hadrax would be considered the leader as he’s had the most experience in the Expanse, and he’s the most prolific Inquisitor in The Wolves of the Expanse.

Inquisitor Hadrax’s disgrace is a matter of gossip and rumor, though no official statement has come from the Lord Inquisitors of the Calixis Sector, where he was stationed. Rumors tell of Inquisitor Hadrax employing a local Rogue Trader, and even a member of the Death Watch, to deal with a matter of corruption within an unspecified Hive World, and how that Rogue Trader had just fallen off the face of the Galaxy before a resolution could come to fruition. Other rumors tell of Inquisitor Hadrax’s near involvement in a Slaaneshi cult that had infiltrated the Calixis Sector Inquisition.

Indeed, the Cabal of the Koronus Expanse actually changed its name once Inquisitor Hadrax came to power since he was always mumbling about the “Wolf of the Underworld”. As to what this is, Inquisitor Hadrax has not commented on.

Inquisitor Hadrax is a stern man of order, especially now. Planets have been razed and rebuilt by his hand to show why order is needed in the Expanse. Being from the Ordo Xenos, he is also extremely intolerant to any Xeno presence within the Expanse and is known to kill even sanctioned Xenos and those that deal with them. He is also known to not be a fan of the Rogue Traders that frequent the Expanse, and invoking his rights to bring Traders to ruin, or worse.

Inquisitor Hadrax Ishmael Ignacio Jachobein IV

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