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Welcome to the Message Board! Here you may create notices that anyone on the ship may view, including the Captain and his Council. Notices that are submitted will be viewed by a council of censors before being posted. Up to ten notices are posted per day. Posts may have whatever content you wish, as long as it is not heretical, blasphemous, against the will of the captain, the Imperium, or the Emperor.

(This is a strange place that may or may not be used during sessions. The whole gist is that the ship does actually have an ecosystem with actual events that may or may not happen in the eyes of the Captain, or his trusted few. The contents from this page will be included in the sessions, should the characters actually check the board, but whether or not this actual page is used is up in the air. Either way, the messages will be put up here should you for whatever want to recap what was going on in the ship.)

Guidelines for creating posts!

As this is essentially your ship, I want all of you to be able to write your own notices should you want. These messages could be anything from job postings to general warnings that everyone on the ship should know about. This would be a fairly immersive way of letting me know what you guys are doing, or want others on the ship to do. As I’m a stickler for order and uniformity, I do have some formatting guidelines for you to follow.
First, each title must be Header 3 which means you will put an “h3” followed by a period before typing your title. Next is that you provide at least two spaces below you title. This nulls the affect of the header for the text you write below. It just makes life easier and provides an exact point where the header ends, and the content begins. Other than that, please write the notices within character (seriously, have fun), if you write from the perspective of a different character, write in their character. Remember, this is technically part of the role play (to the point I will give out XP for posts made by players), and I’d like to keep it that way. Thank you.

Mechanicus Sanctuary OFF LIMITS

All that are not Mechanicus, or are ordained to be useful to the Mechanicus are not to be within 100 meters of the main door to the Mechanicus Sanctuary. This area, as deemed by the Explorator General, is now designated as detain on sight. Those detained will be treated as spies and enemies of the Omnissiah and will be heavily questioned about the reason, purpose, and intent of being near the Sanctuary.

For those that require reason for action to be taken, there are events occurring within the Sanctuary that do not require the presence of the unenlightened, and ordained. This is not a matter of prejudice, rather a matter of security and safety for those unaccustomed to Mechanicus procedure.

Skitarii guards and heavy lifting servitors will be placed along the border of this “no-go” zone as per request in order to reduce the rate of detainment. Detours have been planned and are shown around the area, and near every Message Board.

-Mechanicus Scribe, Zeta Oculus

Adeptus Ministorum Notices:

It should be noted that, like the Adeptus Mechanicus, the inner workings of the Adeptus Ministorum devoted section of the ship beyond the chapel and sanctioned areas are restricted. This is of course due to the fact that the Adeptus Ministorum is an independent and sanctified branch of the Imperial government that works with sensitive and private information, not all of which can be shared with outsiders without express legal permission. The Adeptus Ministorum trusts that all faithful personnel will abide by this decree such as it is but note that there will be security in place should the need arise. For those interested in applying to join the Adeptus Ministorum please contact your chapter priests. If one is interested in sharing information relating to heresy, xenos, or any information involving the forces of chaos please contact myself, your preacher, or an appropriate inquisitorial authority as the need arises. If you or anyone you know is consorting with daemons press 4! If you have a query about sensitive information within the Adeptus Ministorum’s facilities onboard please contact myself. Remember ‘Death in service to the Emperor is its own reward. Life in failure to Him is its own condemnation.’- Epistles (Verse 93)
- Sincerely High Missionary Janus Carrow Protheus Morticum Vandred Von Domum-Stellae, sired of Saint Domus, issued by the authority of the Cardinals Palantine.

Mandatory Blessings!

Troops who have been deployed at ANY time on Naduesh MUST report to the Emperor’s Church for a mandatory blessing and psychological evaluations and counseling. Head priest, Janus Carrow Protheus Morticum Vandred Von Domum-Stellae is endorsing and will be enforcing this to his fullest extent. For those that are bed ridden, sick, disabled, or otherwise impaired at the moment must make arrangements with Ministorum priests to set up an appointment. Officials that were planet side are, as well, to be taken in and processed in this way, even the Captain. Those that make appointments will be sent guards to secure them within their quarters, medical ward, etc. that they reside in until the evaluation is over as to contain those the Adeptus Ministorum are unsure of, and to protect the rest of the crew from the minute chance that one of the soldiers has fallen to Chaos. Should you love the Emperor, and completely trust the Adeptus Ministorum, this shall not be a trouble or hindrance whatsoever. Thank you for your cooperation and time. Emperor bless!
- Priestess of the Emperor, Celine Bellar

Is our Spy Master Still Sane?

This is probably going to be censored to all hell, but I still need to speak out where none others have. I am one of the troops who were recently deployed down on Naduesh, and saw our Spy Master do terrible acts that have ended in the death of my friend. To clear suspicions on my part, I was recently blessed and assessed mentally and found to be fine for the most part.

The last part of the Naduesh deployment was hell. [REDACTED] and he was acting strangely [REDACTED] In the middle of all of that, Spy Master Xanatov turned on our troops and our Captain! Captain Drakkengard was just in taking Xanatov’s leg, but it wasn’t before my friend was shot in the face with an inferno pistol. The [REDACTED] may have caused this, but I am unsure of his continued sanity and service to the Emperor.

Our Priests and Captain have better judgment than mine on this matter, but as someone who saw this first-hand, I implore all of you TO NOT TRUST SPY MASTER XANATOV IN ANY WAY. In addition to this, I have already told the Ministorum agents aboard and High Missionary Janus.

Thank you all for reading and may the Emperor guide as he always has.
- Kale Corax, Scout First Class of Drakkengard’s 9th

The Message Board

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