Czevak Galustian

The "face" of the Legion of Zeniv.


Czevak is the owner of one of the many bars in the the Underworld of the Spirit of the Phoenix. Czevak’s bar, Hot Bird, is one of the most popular bars. That coupled with the nature of his job, he hears about a great amount of the happenings in the Underworld. Because of this Zaniv chose him to be the main informant of the Legion. However, building the proper trust needed to front the Legion took time, Czevak was convinced of Zaniv’s agenda.

Czevak’s main responsibilities include providing Zaniv with information on who would make good additions to the Legion, jobs on the ship, and other rumors. He is the “face” of the Legion as other members are far more discrete about the connection. He also is the only member responsible for reporting jobs and dealing with the finances for said jobs.

Czevak Galustian

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