Varl Khan

Mercenary in the Legion of Zaniv


Varl Khan is one of the most intimidating fighters aboard the vessel. He was the winner of the first blood bowl on the ship, and he would of won the second on if not for the interference of the Rogue Trader and his guards. He was among one of the many shot during the guards assault; however, the wounds seemed to phase him, and he was the only combatant to walk away free. This intrigued Zaniv, and it wasn’t long before he was convinced to join the Legion.

Varl is the muscle of the Legion. Any job the requires a less subtle approach, Varl is on it. He is mainly used as an enforcer of sorts, reminding people that their place is where Zaniv wants it to be, but Varl’s skills with a gun are as impressive as the force of his punch. His other responsibilities are: assault jobs and personal protection of Zaniv.

Varl Khan

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